Monday, September 11, 2000

Bleeding...for Sampras

its 535 pm here, sunday and i have nothing to do. hahaha. i already had my two hour afternoon nap, right after the finals of the us open. gosh, i feel so bad for pete sampras. he lost. :(

but the russian guy -- marat safin -- is really good. he's only 20 years old pero halos lahat ng serves ni pete, naibalik niya. hay naku. i really, really feel
bad. mas worse pa siguro ang nararamdaman ko than bridgette something, yung girlfriend niya or his familia. hahaha. i'm such a fanatic.

8 pm mamaya is the emmys awards. man, i am really a couch potato. tv junkie, big time. specially at mag-i-start na uli ang mga seasons. goodbye summer

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