Wednesday, February 28, 2007


...of not updating this blog as regularly as possible. yeah, it's a shame and i offer no excuses (busy? very busy?).

thing is i'm back in LA and i'm going though a very bad jetlag. the first four days were terrible. i wake up at 3:00 pm, which is 7:00 am manila time, the exact time that i wake up. unless of course i have a 7 am breakfast meeting. (which i had, more than twice!) i needed to shake the jetlag off so last sunday, i summoned myself to sleep early so that i could wake up early so that i could go to work early.

so what have i been doing since i got back?

one word. marathon. heroes. prison break. 24. american idol. grey's anatomy. a little ugly betty. no desperate housewives yet. no brothers and sisters yet. damnn. and thank god i read the papers in manila every early morning. i read about the amazing race: all-stars premiere. so that one, i watched live (east coast time no less!) and i'm quite bummed to see rob and amber there, and dustin and candace (?) - the team i hated the most last season, team guido - i hated them too, before, all in this show. the only team/s i like or sorta like are david & mary (yay!) and mirna and charla (yay! yay!) and joyce and uechenna (yey!). oh well, we'll see who's gonna win. i'm gonna be happy, as long as it's not rob & amber or dustin and the other girl.


Saturday, February 24, 2007

wala lang

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Friday, February 09, 2007

hectic + toxic

i haven't had a schedule as hectic as the one i had here in manila the other day.

woke up at 6 am to prepare for a 7 am meeting at the pancake house on perea. by 8 am, a different meeting with a different person, same place. 10 am, meeting at xavierville in katipunan. 12:30 pm, meeting at serendra. 3 pm, meeting at seibu tower at the fort. 5 pm, meeting at the lobby lounge of makati shangri-la. 7:30 meeting at the shang grand tower.

the last one ended around 10ish. then today, the next day, we had to leave makati by 3:30 to go to clark for the hot air balloon festival. so i was awake at around 3.

i never thought i could squeeze all those meetings in one day! after all those stuff, i was almost toxic.

in the meantime, here's a pic to tide me over until my next posting.

taken very early this morning at the clark field in pampanga.


Thursday, February 01, 2007


okay, just a little quick note. the previous post was posted waaay too late.

anyhow, i'm in makati right now, doing some work stuff. went to santa rosa, laguna earlier this morning, after a 7 am meeting at italianni's, yes, my days here star before 7 am and end way late. that's why i was dead asleep last night at around 10 in the evening.

my mom and my brother picked me up at the airport monday. had a quick breakfast at the north luzon expressway and drove to mi provincia. the next day, went to manila already to meet up with our manila staff.

tried out new restaurants, from the almost hole-in-the-wall types such as heaven's (great bbq, near the condo) and adobo republic (yum! right at the ground floor, baby) to the fine/casual dining in greenbelt such as cyma (opa! the greek invasion) and cascada (a litte of everything).

will post the reviews soon.