Thursday, February 26, 2004

ramblings on a cold tuesday afternoon

i have no idea if another storm is coming, it has been raining hard lately. i don't like the rain. it dampens my spirits. last weekend, it was just rain, rain, rain.

i just finished eating my lunch. i've been eating thai food since saturday night. strangely though, i've been ordering the same stuff: garlic and pepper beef, from three different restaurants. could garlic and pepper beef be my comfort food? could be.

i'm waiting for my dummy, i dunno what time they will give it to me.

i feel kinda sleepy again. i slept around past three this morning because i read the sunday paper. yes, the sunday paper. i watched will and grace and the apprentice (i taped them thursday, and i haven't found time to watch them, until last night).

my boss called me up last night to give me the go-signal to book my airfare and hotel for the international franchising association expo in las vegas from march 6 to 9.


couch kamote

have i told you that i am a slave to my tv set? yes, i am. and i am admitting it. it's 2:30 am and i just finished watching american idol 3 (the results show) and the o.c. (thank god for the vcr) and i am not yet sleepy. could it be the caffeine i had from my humongous mug at 4 pm? or the tall glass of diet pepsi twist a couple of minutes ago?

where was i? oh, about my addiction. (i am distracted by britney's toxic video currently playing on mtv). the rain hasn't stopped pouring since this afternoon. looks like we're in for a storm. which is the perfect segue to where we ate for dinner: typhoon. it's a chic, classy restaurant in santa monica. it's by the airport, you won't miss it. they serve pan-asian food. i counted at least five filipino items on the menu: filipino fried squid (calamari), pollo adobo (chicken adobo for the uninformed...they had to use pollo, i wonder why), filipino bar-b-que, pancit guisado and pancit molo.

for appetizers, we ordered crickets. no typos there. c-r-i-c-k-e-t-s. as in the flying ones. they were fried though, and served with potato strings. i grew up in the philippines and not once did i try eating those. but then, this time, i had to do it. for adventure's sake. it wasn't bad. wasn't bad at all. it was crispy. i actually kind of liked it. whoa.

we also had frog's legs. yum. i've eaten frogs when iw as small. my mom used to cook them in different ways. deep fried and crispy, adobo (better if the frog had eggs) or cooked like chicken. i forgot how it's called but it has bittermelon and tomatoes and clear soup. my mom makes the best frog dishes. i used to look forward to the rainy days so our friendly tindera would have frogs the next day. and we would buy them by the stick. anyway, not good for the squeamish.

i was ok to eat the crickets. i wasn't prepared to eat manchurian ants and white worms. maybe next time. for a while there, while we were eating crickets, i thought i was transported to the set of fear factor.

we also had pollo adobo, kalbi (i can make an entire entry about kalbi and how much i have been craving for this for weeks now), garlic fried rice and pancit guisado. the adobo was good (mom's adobo still better, though) and the kalbi was very, very good. better than some of those sold by korean restos themselves. could it be the marinade? the pancit...let's just say that i've had better pancit before. the garlic fried rice was yummy.

for dessert, we had garlic creme brulee and this malaysian dessert similar to the filipino turon. only difference? a sprinkling of powdery sugar and chocolate syrup. for drinks, i ordered vodka and cranberry juice. i got it. that's probably why i am still up.

i got home past ten and my roomies and a couple of friends were at home watching captain barbell (part of the set of videos we rented yesterday). i was curious about the whole movie so i sat and watched. it was okay. predictable. the movie was done around past 12. time for my soaps. (this can also be another entry). then i went up to my room around 1:00.

i watched ai3, the results show, even if i already knew that latoya and amy were in. i also watched the o.c. just an observation: luke and mrs. cooper hooking up is just wrong. does this happen in real life? a few months ago, luke was banging mrs. cooper's daughter and now he's banging her. what the hell. anywa. i get affected.

it's almost 3 am.

[epilogue: i tried to 'publish' this entry but my computer doesn't seem to want to. so i sent everything thru my ym. some stuff were missing but i was able to reconstruct it somehow. what the hell is wrong with my computer? why can't i send emails from it? and why can't i publish my blog from home? sigh.]


Tuesday, February 24, 2004


i just finished chatting with two of my closest friends from the past. one is in virginia and the other one is in sydney right now. technology can really be an amazing thing. it's 5:30 pm here, 8:30 pm in virginia and 12:30 pm (wednesday) in sydney. we chatted for about an hour and reminisced on the good old days.
we've been friends for almost ten years now. actually, we're celebrating the tenth year anniversary of our friendship this year. thanks to abs-cbn, our paths crossed and we became really good friends. these are the women who might as well be the sisters i never had. god, i miss them.

half an hour before six. i need my dummy for the las vegas edition. otherwise, i'd finish everything tomorrow. i want to go home, and rest, watch tv.

i forgot to share: last friday, my friends and i went to arclight in hollywood to watch crying ladies, the best picture in last year's manila film festival. it was good, it was funny. laugh out loud funny. but i guess, the mere fact that it won the best picture award made me expect something more -- not monumental, not epic. just something more. sure it is different. and sharon cuneta is not in her usual sweet role. anyway, i had a good time watching it. it's the first tagalog film i've seen on the big screen in years. (after american adobo, the debut, flipside and munting tinig).


Monday, February 23, 2004

monday blues

it's monday again. i love mondays, that's because i am not usually busy on mondays. i was literally dragging my body to the bathroom, so i can take a bath and prepare to go to work. i couldn't seem to do that. i couldn't seem to summon the strength to get up and go to work. i linger a bit, for a little while. until i dozed off again. i woke up a few minutes before 12:00 noon.

i'm at work now and it's past five. i've had a huge mug of coffee. done with a big meeting. i had an ensaymada imported from the philippines for lunch.

i came across a blogdrive site because i was following a trail. i forgot which trail i was following. i'm actually bothered by that. i easily forget. but i forget those stuff that maybe helpful to me in the future. i don't easily forget some stuff that are forgettable.

now, i'm here. i'm actually doing my first ever blog. i've always wanted to do this, i just didn't have enough time or guts to make one. now that i've started, i hope i could at least do regular entries. i hope.

i'm going home in a few. i might do another entry later. that is if i don't get consumed by my tv set.