Saturday, April 26, 2008


without much fanfare (as if), i arrived in manila a couple of weeks ago for yet another working assignment.

i've always been saying that my schedule's always hectoxic. i'm not lying.

my last post was more than a month ago. can you actually believe that?

i sincerely apologize to all my readers (yes, to all five of you!) i'm okay. still alive and kicking.

just what, in a nutshell, happened to me during the past 4 weeks or so?

so i flew from new york to los angeles after that fateful trip to south beach (where i am still mourning the loss of my blackberry). the following day, i flew to las vegas to attend a conference at the jw marriott in summerlin. it was sponsored by the 3af (that's the asian american advertising federation) and it's an annual thing they do. it's composed of asian am media, ad agencies, clients, ad professionals. it was like the ad congress, only 10 times smaller. yeah.

after four days, it was back to LA. in two days, went to SF to check out the office there, and see N, one of our employees who just arrived from manila. He's adjusting well, i think. which is good for him. spent about four days there as well. back to LA.

then manila.

last week, we went to cebu for some client calls. some things are changing and i am slowly adjusting into some new load and responsibility being given to me.

toto was here. duran duran was here. there was a 'lost in 80s' concert featuring when in rome (hahaha. one hit wonder. the promise. think grade school and high school. yeah, i'm old) and a flock of seagulls and another band. nice.

james blunt is having a show at the araneta on may 19. wth? his one-night show in manhattan was in a small club (so obviously it got sold out in a jiffy) and he's doing araneta in manila? unbelievable. a friend has tickets. i don't know if i'd still be here. i'm supposed to fly back soon. unless...