Thursday, May 22, 2003


woke up quite early today. this is another attempt at having/maintaining a journal - something that i've been doing on and off since i was in grade school.

so what's up? i've been having some epiphanies lately but i don't think it is the right time to discuss them. :D

clay aiken lost to ruben studdard at the season finale of american idil last night. damn. we had a bet/pool in the office. i was the only one in the clay train, against four who thought that ruben was the man. oh well. there goes lunch for 4 people. bad gambler!

got an email today from an x friend. j greeted x a happy birthday. he thanked josaw and sent the reply to all of us. wala lang. still hate him. sagad to the bones.

looking forward to the long weekend. i hope it will be a blast. reno, here we come.

i have stuff to do. can't find the time to do them.