Sunday, February 01, 2009

Asiate @ Mandarin Oriental


Did I mention its is Restaurant Week?

After a meeting last week, I proceeded to the Columbus Center. Up 36 floors to the Mandarin Oriental's lobby (yes, lobby) - where the Lobby Lounge (duh.) and Asiate are both located. Asiate impressed me. From the breath-taking views of Central Park to the highly-attentive service to the great food, I was impressed. I'd be back and I'm bringing my friends and family. Maybe next Restaurant Week?

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Mesa Grill


It's Restaurant Week in New York!

First stop this time around: Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill on Fifth Avenue. It's a three-course prix-fixe meal for $24.07.

I was not overwhelmed. The food was okay, and that's where the problem lies. It was just okay. I wanted to be wowed but sadly, I did not get it here. Maybe I ordered the wrong dishes. Chances I'll be back: Maybe. Out of five, Mesa gets a 3.5.

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Dallas BBQ | Times Square


Had a quick dinner here after a show at the Radio City. They had a promotion for 2 half-chicken mealswith soup, rice and cornbread for $9.99. Plus $1 each meal for the honey bbq sauce which was so yummy. I can't think of ordering it without any sauce at all. Over-all, the meal was alright - the chicken was well-cooked (they said it was rotisseried but I think it was fried) and was huge as well. And for $9.99 (for two!), it was a steal.

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Monday, November 17, 2008


i just finished bringing all my posts (since 2005) from my old blog to this site. i can't commit to writing regularly but i will try. i had my drive before but somewhere along the way, i lost it. perhaps i just got so busy.

anyhow, it was fun browsing through my old posts, and i am a bit happy that some of the photos i posted are still there. months after my MacBook crashed, i still have nightmares about it and i still get depressed and emotional about all the photos and articles i lost. i don't think i will ever move on. ever.

so there. my blogspot is here. now.


Wednesday, September 03, 2008

back, for now

i was kidnapped by aliens.

i had to fly to paris.

my hard drive fried. again.

i forgot my password.

i forgot to type.

i forgot i had a blog.

excuses, schmuses.

it's been awhile friends, and i apologize. you can't imagine how many emails i received asking me why i no longer blog (4! yes, four. seriously.) hence this post.

i've always been saying that i've been quite busy. that my schedule has been toxic. that i was running after deadlines. that i had so many things to do. all true.

i did not mention though that there were times when i wanted to blog but i did not know what to blog about. i did not want to blog just to blog, or write something just so i can update this. which is what i am doing now, i think.

i digress.

perhaps the most compelling reason why i have not blogged for so long is that i found another addiction. and no, it's not food. hah!

one word, or two words combined: facebook.

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Friday, July 11, 2008

i heart tilapia

and i used to consume tilapia by the freaking pound, specially when i used to live in hell-ey, where there are tons of fresh (and huuuge) tilapia sold for a dollar a pound. cheapo.

we used to go to the filipino market (or asian store if there are no filipino stores nearby) and buy pounds of tilapia, have them cleaned and deep-fried to crispy perfection. we would then buy salted eggs and some tomatoes. perfect. oh, how i miss those days.

some friends who are quite adventurous would buy tilapia, then cook them either as paksiw or sinigang or nilaga. i'm salivating as i type this post. seriously.

anyhow, i remembered when i was still in the philippines. i was assigned to cover mindanao intermittently between 1995-97 and i loved it. one time, we went to lake sebu where a restaurant served all-tilapia, all-the-time. imagine kinilaw na tilapia, adobong tilapia, paksiw na tilapia, pritong tilapia, nilagang get my point. i loved the place. it was tilapia heaven.

i haven't had tilapia in about a year. and i miss it.

then today, i read this. tilapia is worse than bacon, the report says.

i'm like, what the f? hahaha. doctors told us to consume fish, fish, fish. and now comes this report that this particular fish, of all fishes in the sea, is worse than bacon? what the hell? it could have been lapu-lapu or sea bass (on second thought, no) or mackerel...but tilapia? darn!

Wake Forest University School of Medicine researchers say their research revealed that farm-raised tilapia, as well as farmed catfish, "have several fatty acid characteristics that would generally be considered by the scientific community as detrimental."

Tilapia has higher levels of potentially detrimental, long-chain, omega-6 fatty acids than 80-percent-lean hamburger, doughnuts and even pork bacon," write the Wake Forest researchers in an article published this month in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association.


Tuesday, July 08, 2008

nadal! nadal!

i know. delayed reaction. or delayed posting.

i have never been a fan of roger federer. i don't know why. he's good, alright but i am not a fan. i was a big pete sampras fanatic, that i can say. and when he retired, i shifted my adoration to rafa. and novak. and andy. yes, even james. but not roger. definitely not roger. and my friends know it.

i was very happy when novak won over him in montreal last year. and when rafa beat him last sunday, in what could be one of the best tennis matches in history, i was ecstatic. just to gloat, i called F, one of my friends who is a big roger fan.

he was not in a good mood. "masaya ka na?" (are you happy now?) he asked, without even saying hi first. then i laughed. more like guffawed. for about a minute. then we talked. he wanted to call me but he thought it would be better if i did the calling. haha. a few hours later, j, another friend who loves tennis, called me up. he just finished watching the match. like me, he did not like federer. so we were happy. haha.

indeed, it was history. and i am happy that it is rafa's history. he's the first man after bjorn borg (very 80s!) to win both the french open and the wimbledon in the same year. had federer won, it would have been his sixth straight. but that was not going to happen.

ali (federer) versus frazier (rafa). and guess who won.


Monday, July 07, 2008

viva la vida

coldplay's latest album has been playing like crazy on my ipod. the entire album is on repeat mode. what can i say? i'm a big coldplay fan.

last week, i saw the tail-end of the today summer concert series at the rockefeller. yep, the one where they sang violet hill, 42 and viva la vida. fun. in order for you to get a good spot, you need to be at the rockefeller plaza by 7 am. heard some were there as early as 6. i'm not a morning person so i got there around 8ish. and they were almost wrapping up. hahaha. no complaints.

earlier that week, they had a free concert at the madison square garden. now, msg is right across my office so i made uzi. i didn't know that they were having a free (FREE!) concert there. too bad, it was sold out. well, the tickets were given away weeks (probably months) in advance. the scalpers (why are most of the scalpers in new york black? just asking.) were selling tickets at $250. damn. i was not going to pay $250 for a free concert. i wanted to but the principle of me paying some guy $250 for a ticket he probably got free prevented me. in 2001, i paid the same amount for a good seat at the staples center concert of madonna. haha.

i like this new album. i like coldplay's albums. even if they do a b-sides album, i'd probably going to like it. that's how i am.

next up is alanis morrissette's new album, yes the album after ryan reynolds. some say the angst is back.

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can you really curve a bullet's trajectory?

that, and other questions pummeled my head as me and nine others trooped to the cinema last saturday to watch 'wanted'.

i became a james mcavoy fan after i saw him as tumnus on the lion, the witch and the wardrobe. then came atonement, and the miss piggy movie with reese witherspoon and christina ricci. i wanted to see wanted (hah!) to see if he can make his own franchise. and apparently he can.

the movie's kinda (kinda!?!) violent. okay, it is violent. the scenes were quite graphic. imagine heads being blown away like crazy. i had a headache when we got out of loews. since we were a big group, (we didn't realize that even if the movie is already on its second week, people are still going to watch it. and it was a saturday. and the fourth of july weekend.) it was quite impossible to get a row of 10 seats. so we ended up dispersed. as in dispersed.

angie was hot. hawt. remember, team jolie na ako di ba? hehehe. want some spoilers? she ****. hehehe. oh wait, i heard there's going to be a sequel. but how?

morgan freeman was enigmatic as sloan. yay! but really, james macavoy brought it home. he's the man. of the moment. hopes he gets more great projects.

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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

mig ayesa

i was in jersey city with some co-workers to attend a filipino-american event (it was the philippine-american friendship committee (PAFCOM) parade and festival). mig ayesa was one of the performers. unfortunately, he did not get to perform because of the heavy downpour (seriously!) and it was an outdoorsy event (with manhattan's skyline as the backdrop).

i talked to him and here's what made it to my camera.

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