Tuesday, July 08, 2008

nadal! nadal!

i know. delayed reaction. or delayed posting.

i have never been a fan of roger federer. i don't know why. he's good, alright but i am not a fan. i was a big pete sampras fanatic, that i can say. and when he retired, i shifted my adoration to rafa. and novak. and andy. yes, even james. but not roger. definitely not roger. and my friends know it.

i was very happy when novak won over him in montreal last year. and when rafa beat him last sunday, in what could be one of the best tennis matches in history, i was ecstatic. just to gloat, i called F, one of my friends who is a big roger fan.

he was not in a good mood. "masaya ka na?" (are you happy now?) he asked, without even saying hi first. then i laughed. more like guffawed. for about a minute. then we talked. he wanted to call me but he thought it would be better if i did the calling. haha. a few hours later, j, another friend who loves tennis, called me up. he just finished watching the match. like me, he did not like federer. so we were happy. haha.

indeed, it was history. and i am happy that it is rafa's history. he's the first man after bjorn borg (very 80s!) to win both the french open and the wimbledon in the same year. had federer won, it would have been his sixth straight. but that was not going to happen.

ali (federer) versus frazier (rafa). and guess who won.


Anonymous said...

Wasn't that just the best tennis match ever?

Lightheaded said...

Great match indeed! Was watching it until the first rain delay came along. Goodness, madaling araw na dito yun! I couldn't wait that long! So, hahaha I waited for the replay. Hahaha.

But yes, Nadal over Federer anytime. Must be those buns of steel. Hahaha.