Monday, July 07, 2008

can you really curve a bullet's trajectory?

that, and other questions pummeled my head as me and nine others trooped to the cinema last saturday to watch 'wanted'.

i became a james mcavoy fan after i saw him as tumnus on the lion, the witch and the wardrobe. then came atonement, and the miss piggy movie with reese witherspoon and christina ricci. i wanted to see wanted (hah!) to see if he can make his own franchise. and apparently he can.

the movie's kinda (kinda!?!) violent. okay, it is violent. the scenes were quite graphic. imagine heads being blown away like crazy. i had a headache when we got out of loews. since we were a big group, (we didn't realize that even if the movie is already on its second week, people are still going to watch it. and it was a saturday. and the fourth of july weekend.) it was quite impossible to get a row of 10 seats. so we ended up dispersed. as in dispersed.

angie was hot. hawt. remember, team jolie na ako di ba? hehehe. want some spoilers? she ****. hehehe. oh wait, i heard there's going to be a sequel. but how?

morgan freeman was enigmatic as sloan. yay! but really, james macavoy brought it home. he's the man. of the moment. hopes he gets more great projects.

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