Monday, July 07, 2008

viva la vida

coldplay's latest album has been playing like crazy on my ipod. the entire album is on repeat mode. what can i say? i'm a big coldplay fan.

last week, i saw the tail-end of the today summer concert series at the rockefeller. yep, the one where they sang violet hill, 42 and viva la vida. fun. in order for you to get a good spot, you need to be at the rockefeller plaza by 7 am. heard some were there as early as 6. i'm not a morning person so i got there around 8ish. and they were almost wrapping up. hahaha. no complaints.

earlier that week, they had a free concert at the madison square garden. now, msg is right across my office so i made uzi. i didn't know that they were having a free (FREE!) concert there. too bad, it was sold out. well, the tickets were given away weeks (probably months) in advance. the scalpers (why are most of the scalpers in new york black? just asking.) were selling tickets at $250. damn. i was not going to pay $250 for a free concert. i wanted to but the principle of me paying some guy $250 for a ticket he probably got free prevented me. in 2001, i paid the same amount for a good seat at the staples center concert of madonna. haha.

i like this new album. i like coldplay's albums. even if they do a b-sides album, i'd probably going to like it. that's how i am.

next up is alanis morrissette's new album, yes the album after ryan reynolds. some say the angst is back.

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