Wednesday, September 03, 2008

back, for now

i was kidnapped by aliens.

i had to fly to paris.

my hard drive fried. again.

i forgot my password.

i forgot to type.

i forgot i had a blog.

excuses, schmuses.

it's been awhile friends, and i apologize. you can't imagine how many emails i received asking me why i no longer blog (4! yes, four. seriously.) hence this post.

i've always been saying that i've been quite busy. that my schedule has been toxic. that i was running after deadlines. that i had so many things to do. all true.

i did not mention though that there were times when i wanted to blog but i did not know what to blog about. i did not want to blog just to blog, or write something just so i can update this. which is what i am doing now, i think.

i digress.

perhaps the most compelling reason why i have not blogged for so long is that i found another addiction. and no, it's not food. hah!

one word, or two words combined: facebook.

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