Wednesday, February 02, 2005

meeting cher calvin

[i typed a few paragraphs earlier but when i clicked 'publish post' is said that it cannot process my request. when i hit 'back', all teh text i typed was gone. so here it is, again...]

i had dinner with cher calvin last night. yes, the famous cher calvin. thanks to the owners of goldilocks for inviting me. cher's in town because she is moving to la-la-land. she is moving from fox 5 in las vegas to the wb [KTLA channel 5] network here in los angeles.

cher calvin with her dad, former actor
roger calvin at goldilocks cerritos

we had dinuguan* for appetizers. i found out that she has never eaten dinuguan (not even during her stint with 'F' where they used to go to different restos in the philippines). i have to credit goldilocks for jazzing up dinuguan because they included it with angel hair pasta. it was kinda weird, but it was delicious. cher kinda liked it. [she didn't finish her serving though]

for appetizers, we were also served with lumpiang shanghai and calamares. i liked both. for the main course, we had garlic fried rice and braised beef (i think) with gravy on top. dessert was cheese roll (yes, like the ones that porto's in glendale makes) and ube ice cream.

back to cher: she's so down-to-earth. i like her sincerity and the way she answered my questions. i hope she does well at ktla. people will be supporting her. basically, she's taking over the post vacated by sharon tay. [yes, the daring anchor who moved to msnbc. not too big shoes too fill, cher. you can do it.]

that's it for now. los angeles peeps, catch cher calvin as she hosts ktla's 'morning show' [5 to 7 am] starting this monday, february 7.

* chocolate meat, for the uninitiated


Mathew Hanger said...

*pig's blood, to be more descriptive. LOL!

Ang pretty naman ni cher.

momarski said...

hahaha. yeah, you're right. 'chocolate meat' sounded more palatable than 'pig's blood'. but then again, who are we kidding, dinuguan with angel hair pasta...dinuguan nonetheless. [yeah, ang pretty ni cher calvin!]

Kreiss said...

You look gergeous, Cher. When r u visiting Manila?

Kreiss said...

Gorgeous, talented, and witty.......Cher.

iya said...

Ganda talaga ni Cher! muah!