Saturday, October 15, 2005

billboards galore

the urban jungle otherwise known as metropolitan manila is littered with billboards, billboards and more billboards.

taken at the corner of edsa and quezon avenue. the hunks vying for your attention? rafael rossell hawking undies for bench and borgy manotoc selling shirts and stuff from blue soda.

on the upside, they are nice distractions from the bloody traffic along edsa, or any of the metro's major thoroughfares. distractions because more often than not, they feature the eye-candies that us mere mortals will never have the chance to have coffee with, lunch or dinner with, or go to bed with. ooops.

kris aquino, in one of her many billboards along edsa. this one's for metro and belo medical.

on the downside, critics say that these things cover the real beauty that is manila. i say, what real beauty? the slums that dot the landscape of pasig river? the pink railings on edsa? the pink urinals? there are beautiful sights going to the north and the south (through the expressways) and once they cover those with billboards (and believe me, they are starting to sprout like mushrooms there), i'd be the first to protest.

taken along edsa, by the guadalupe bridge. the green bus covered what i was trying to capture for posterity. nyahaha. but if you must insist... oh well, just click this.


flatfoot said...

There's this series of Kris Aquino billboards -- more like posters I guess, because they were posed on the pillars of the MRT along EDSA -- for a make-up product (I think) that shows her face happy, sad, bothered...Dunno if they're still there, but anyway, I found it quite annoying.

Anonymous said...

So what's all the fuss about Krissy's commercials,she's just helping the economy in the Philippines(the country is so hopeless after the marcos dictatorship)thank's there's a Krissy,so the commerce will floats,it'our opinion from Pinay's in Europe.