Sunday, October 08, 2006

art bell

a couple or so years ago, there was an email that circulated through e-mail, clogging every e-mail-savvy Filipino's mailbox.

it was a hate e-mail directed at Filipinos, written supposedly by a certain art bell.

tonight, inside my boss' car after an event at palos verdes estates, the radio was tuned in to kfi talk radio. and someone was broadcasting live from manila, philippines. he was reading an e-mail written by a guy from the uk (also circulated widely before) and he was giving his comments about it. then after about two gaps, he re-introduced himself. art bell.

apparently, he is now based in manila where he was hosting his radio show live. he had a lot of callers calling in, congratulating him on his impending fatherhood. then, someone asked him about his life there in manila, and he mentioned that it was fine. he then proceeded to talk about that nasty e-mail that was allegedly written (and sent) from one of the libraries of uc san diego.

back then, they had no way to find out who uses their computers, and someone, art bell says, must have logged in, wrote the hurtful e-mail and signed it art bell. for what reason, bell says he doesn't know. he adds that it could not have been because his wife (back then) was half-filipina.

he didn't come off as the angry and bitter e-mail sender that the e-mail purported him to be. in fact, this guy loves the philippines. heck, he's even living there now. he has a filipina wife (who likes balut, apparently) and theya re expecting a baby soon.

now, i don't know if this was a rebroadcast because someone (a caller from canada) actually greeted him a happy thanksgiving. okay, just checked. canada's thanksgiving is the second monday of october. so there.

and, according to the oc register's 07 may 2006 issue:

KFI/640 AM's Art Bell has married Airyn Ruiz, a Philippines national, and relocated to Manila, where he will continue to do his syndicated show. His wife Ramona died in January.
so there. stop sending that nasty e-mail, if and when it gets a new lease on life. just delete it. it was not written by art bell. someone who has a deep-seated anger against filipinos wrote that mail, and it's a pity he decided to use an innocent guy's name to malign and defame our race.

and this just in, from the site of john rook. it says:

There is hope that the millions who listen to talk show host Art Bell will spread the word that the on going hoax attributed to him and still circulating the internet reaches those who have threatened to kill him and his wife Airyn, a Filipino.

A malicious letter entitled “Filipinos Make Me Puke” has generated several death threats that are especially worrisome now that Art makes his home in the Philippines. With his name signed as the author, authorities have traced the letter to a typewriter at a San Diego college. Art of course had nothing to do with the letter and finds its contents disgusting.

Art explains that he is keeping a very low profile in his Manila condo but is very concerned since assassination of Journalist is not uncommon in the Philippines.

and this is art bell, with wife airyn.

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