Tuesday, October 24, 2006

things i learn from wowowee

i got home a bit late tonight and caught portions of wowowee, yes, that tfc show! hehehe.

anyhow, their pera o bayong (pepe pimentel's kuwarta o kahon reincarnated) has an elimination round where they ask questions, ranging from the difficult to very easy (and tricky!). today, the question was about how chicago got its nicname as 'the windy city'.

the choices were - mahangin na politicians, papalit-palit na weather and matatas na skyscrapers. i told myself, what a no-brainer. although they used 'papalit-palit na weather,' i knew for a fact that the answer had something to do with the weather.

then they announced the answer. mahahangin na politiko!

i opened my laptop and went to the ask.com site and i asked the same question. the answer stunned me.

now, upon further scrutiny, i read in the same site that the story of the "Chicagoan's rabid boosterism and shameless boasting" is simply not true.

edited to add -- thanks wowowee, i also found out tonight that george h. w. bush's favorite snack is pork rinds or chicharon.

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LAWSTUDE said...

we chat once in a while. her chatname is fenellafaye in ym. i like ur food pix. puro pampabata. take care.