Wednesday, October 04, 2006

to san diego and back

hectic. that's what my schedule has been in the past few days.

so yesterday, i left hawaii around 2 pm, arrived in LA around 11. late dinner around 1 am. downloaded some photos and wrote some stories around 3 am. slept around 4. woke up around 7 because by 8 am, we were off to san diego.

then a couple of my friends picked me up later for coffee at cbtl. i needed that.

goldilocks in san diego will be opening its resto this friday and it will be offering 'Pick-A-Pika' a dimsum-type concept where they will be offering pinoy specialties such as adobo, binagoongan, bicol express, caldereta, among others. hope they'd offer that in LA, too.

traffic was so bad going back that we opted to have dinner in buena park. yay. mami king. i haven't eaten at mami king for years now (they closed the one in LA) and the one closest to where i live now would be the one in the san fernando valley (!) and carson (!!). ang layo. their lomi is really, really good. and their siopao too. i didn't realize how much i really loved lomi until i had a bowl-ful again earlier. hay.

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