Tuesday, October 31, 2006

told you so

remember my birthday dinner last year? yes, the one at taste, along melrose?

yes, that one. the one where we saw ryan phillippe having dinner with a lady who didn't look like reese. hehehe. called it then, almost 15 months ago.

now the news that hollywood's golden couple, ryan and reese, have separated.

sigh. theyw ere together for seven years. could it be the 7-year-itch? or 5 and a half year itch? (if everything started last year). and mr. phillippe, who was that lady you were having a lovely dinner with on august 2nd last year at lucques?

oh well. relationships. someone out there help me restore my belief!


anabanana said...

that's just sad i love reese!!!! well, something's gotta give as they would say you sometimes can't have it all...all at the same time. kainis wala na ako sa fort tapos me krispy kreme na. sawana ako sa gonuts naman. ganyan talaga. uwi ba kayo ni charl this year?

momarski said...

hey ana banana! it's been awhile. i dunno about charl, but i might. just might. nothing definite yet though...