Sunday, October 01, 2006

i ate pupu in waikiki

and it was not that bad.

hehehe. actually, pupu is the hawaiian term for finger foods, pica pica in the local parlance and if you're somewhere up there, you probably call it hors d'oeuvres. hehehe.

i'm finally done with all my work obligations here in hawaii and i have exactly 20 hours (including sleep) before my flight back to the mainland. i'm at the international shopping center market place in waikiki doing some window shopping. believe it or not, i haven't even gone swimming. not that it matters. lol.

i'll probably stroll by the beach later tonight. para hindi na masyadong mainit. mahirap na. i didn't bring sunblock. (as if i could get any darker.) oh well. regular blogging to resume tomorrow!

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