Friday, October 13, 2006


wow. even san miguel corporation has joined the call center craze.

introducing: inumorning, also known as inuman sa morning. it's for the call center peeps who get off work around 6ish, and before going home to sleep, they down bottles of san mig light. smc probably saw the potential, so they're introducing this concept.

the funny thing is that even hard-core rock bands are included in the concept, playing for the inumorning crowd at 7:00 am! 7 in the freaking morning. imagine listening to imago or hale or sponge cola jamming it up at 7 am! all i can say is, wow!

mabuhay ang mga call center sa pilipinas!


Rach said...

believe it moms, it's changing the metro manila landscape. in fact i'm waiting now for 24/7 spas so we can get a calming massage at 12 midnight and all-day all-night salons for those cant-be-delayed-another-minute perms. good day, sunshine!

momarski said...

24/7 spas? sounds like a good idea. i went to a spa in cebu last year after a hard day's work full of sessions and stuff. delegates were entitled to a 25% discount on spa services. i had a good foot spa and massage at 1:00 am. they close at 2. and when i went there (near fuente osmena), they had around 3 or 4 other clients. and that was past midnight!