Friday, October 20, 2006

detoxify me!

the past week has been so toxic for me that i need a freaking break!

ever since my last post, yes, on friday the 13th, i have been working, working, working. i had an event saturday night - the filipino american library gala at the biltmore. lots of stars, lots of stuff to do. photos to follow.

sunday was the opening of the all-asia food expo at the los angeles convention center. check. in the evening was the asians for miracle marrow matches or a3m fund-raiser, featuring lani misalucha and the society of seven in a concert.

san miguel beer! sarap ng smb! hehehe.

large chunks (?) of mexican chicharrones. spell c-h-o-l-e-s-t-e-r-o-l

monday, i covered the sentencing of lourdes perez. links and details to follow. she was sentenced to 46 months in prison for defrauding medicare of $40 million. that's a lot of moolah. yup, she's pinoy.

tuesday morning was my event at the southern california edison where they talked about emergency preparedness and stuff. tuesday night was 'images of asia,' a sorta tourism event hosted by 7 national tourism organizations from 7 asian countries, philippines not included. all together now, why?

tuba, anyone? kaso galing sa thailand.

wednesday was the launch of 'i am today's filipino' at the philippine consulate. this exhibit will be in beverly hills. it's a photo/video exhibit of 100 present-day filipinos celebrating 100 years of sustained filipino migration to america.

thursday, and this was just last night. the talk of keith fisher at the 3af (that's the asian american advertising federation, of which we are a member) event in west los angeles. then a friend of mine arrived from an 11-day trip to the philippines. had late dinner, coffee, and went home to watch the shows i love.

first up, survivor. jenny was on the block (not j-lo). jenny, the pinay from illinois. and brad, the other pinoy, voted to evict her. ouch! why brad, why? lost some points from me dude! what was that?

then grey's anatomy. yay! dr. torres sleeping with mcsteamy? wow, i didn't really see that coming. okay, i did. but come, on! what about george? damn. i just finished watching the ep and that's all that stuck. lol. and yeah, izzie did not, and will not, deposit the $8.7 million check. and mcsteamy-addison was more than just a one-night-stand.

more stuff to do tomorrow. and some events again over the weekend!

gee, what have i gotten myself in to?

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